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I have the following line in a CMakeLists.txt file...

        message(FATAL_ERROR "Could not locate Lua 5.1.\n"
                "Please download from Lua website.")

When I run cmake, I get the following error...

Parse error.  Expected "(", got newline with text "

Okay, I figure. That isn't valid syntax, so I'll just edit the cmake file to put it all on a line like so...

message(FATAL_ERROR "Could not locate Lua 5.1.\nPlease download from Lua website.")

Go to the directory where I ran cmake, delete all the cache stuff, re-run it, and I get the same error as before. I've even deleted that whole line and I keep getting the same error. I'm obviously missing something crucial that defines how cmake operates, but I'm not sure what.

Any help is appreciated.

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The if, else, elseif, and endif all need () after them.

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