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On my blog, HackSocialMedia.com, whenever you reply to other people's comments, the reply box(a div with id "respond") appears within the li container that houses the comment you are replying to. As a result, the reply box appears like so:


I'm trying to modify it so that the reply box appears beneath the comment box(indicated by the border wrapping around it. Any ideas?

Example page with comments: http://hacksocialmedia.com/facebook/6-ways-to-protect-your-facebook-account/

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It looks like you are just appending the new div at the end of the current paragraph. Instead I think you want to traverse up the DOM and find the li that is it's parent, then insert/append below here.

Using jQuery

$('.comment-reply-link').click(function() { 
    var parent = $(this).closest('li'); // Find the nearest li (parent)
    parent.append(addComment.moveForm("comment-reply-25", "25", "respond", "383"));

Something like that to get your started.

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