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I need to read mail with attachment from my company's mail server. Its a Microsoft Exchange Server. I also have to save the attachment(its a text attachment).
I am working with java. So I am expecting a java code or API for this. But if no reliable java source is available then I am ready to work with equipment.
I am trying with MAPI33 dll from Download location for MAPI33.dll?. But still unable to read mail.
If there are any better solution, please share.

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You can use the RDO part of Outlook Redemption. It is a COM library that wraps MAPI and that is really good. You can use JACOB (Java COM bridge) to do the COM magic. Just remember that MAPI for Exchange only comes in 32 bit, so your will need to run from a 32 bit JVM. JACOB is open source while Outlook Redemption have a developer version that you can try out first.

In Exchange 2007 and 2010 you will also need to install the MAPI & CDO distributable because Exchange MAPI is no longer shipped with exchange.

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