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How to replace element if exists in an ArrayList at a given index?

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  arrayList.set(index i,String replaceElement);
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FYI if there isn't an element at i then this throws an error –  Rab Ross Apr 17 '12 at 11:23
here the question itself is - "replace element if exits", but to avoid error, null check required –  dev4u Jun 12 '12 at 5:35

If you're going to be requiring different set functionaltiy, I'd advise extending ArrayList with your own class. This way, you won't have to define your behavior in more than one place.

// You can come up with a more appropriate name
public class SizeGenerousArrayList<E> extends java.util.ArrayList<E> {

    public E set(int index, E element) {
        this.ensureCapacity(index+1); // make sure we have room to set at index
        return super.set(index,element); // now go as normal

    // all other methods aren't defined, so they use ArrayList's version by default

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An element is over-written if it already exists at an index, that is the default behaviour: Javadoc.

Or am I missing your point completely?

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