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create trigger mytable_check before insert on test.mytable for each row  
 if new.id_category in ('list','of','special','categories')  
    and exists  
      (select * from mytable  
       where id_category=new.id_category  
         and keywords=new.keywords) then  
    call fail(concat('id_category,keywords must be unique when id_category is: ',new.id_category));  
 end if;  
end $$  

I am having slight problem in understanding this trigger statement. Can u please explain me this statement?What does

if new.id_category in ('list','of','special','categories')

statement mean??

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new.id_category = 'list'
new.id_category = 'of'
new.id_category = 'special'
new.id_category = 'categories'
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is there any way to allow range of values to match ? like new.id_category=1 or new.id_category=2 or new.id_category=3 and so on??? – gks Apr 11 '11 at 6:42
thanks @Jani for your help – gks Apr 11 '11 at 6:43

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