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Im using jquery and jqGrid plugin. When i try to use form search in jqGrid a javascript exception is thrown in firebug.

uncaught exception: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [@selected]

and reset is also not working anyone please help me out....

Thanks, Sandeep


    datatype: 'xml',
    mtype: 'GET',
    colNames:['PSM ID','PSM Name','Responsibility','Date of Join(MM/dd/yyyy)','Date of Leaving(MM/dd/yyyy)','Designation','Organisation','Location','Phone Number','Email'],
    colModel :[ 
      {name:'PSM_EMP_ID',index:'PSM_EMP_ID',editable:false, width:75},
      {name:'DATE_OF_JOIN',index:'DATE_OF_JOIN',width:90,editable:true,edittype:'text',editrules:{required:true},editoptions: {
          size: 10, maxlengh: 10,id:'datepicker1',dataInit: $(function(elem) {
          $("#datepicker1").datepicker({showOn: 'button',buttonImage:'/images/calendar.gif',
                buttonImageOnly: true});
      {name:'DATE_OF_LEAVING', index:'DATE_OF_LEAVING', editable:true,width:110},
      {name:'DESIGNATION', index:'DESIGNATION',editable:true,editrules:{required:true},width:100},
      {name:'ORGANISATION', index:'ORGANISATION',editable:true,editrules:{required:true},width:180}, 
      {name:'LOCATION', index:'LOCATION', editable:true,editrules:{required:true},width:100}, 
      {name:'PSM_PHONE_NUMBER', index:'PSM_PHONE_NUMBER',editrules:{required:true},editable:true,width:100}, 
      {name:'PSM_EMAIL', index:'PSM_EMAIL', editable:true,editrules:{required:true},width:220}],
    pager: jQuery('#pager'),
    sortname: 'user',
    sortorder: "desc",
    viewrecords: false,
    imgpath: '/themes/steel/images',
    caption: 'PSM',
    editurl: '/update.jsp', shrinkToFit: true
    /*width:1200 */}).navGrid('#pager',{add:true,addtext:'Add',edit:true,edittext:'Edit',del:true,deltext:'Del', search:true,searchtext:'Find'/*,refresh:true*/}, /*options*/
{height:300,width:500,reloadAfterSubmit:true}, /* edit options*/
{height:300,width:500,reloadAfterSubmit:true}, /* add options*/
{reloadAfterSubmit:true}, // del options
{} // search options

This is the code used...

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You should include the code which can be used to reproduce your problem. – Oleg Apr 11 '11 at 7:18

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You should add following property to the 'DATE_OF_JOIN' column

searchoptions: {
    size: 10, maxlengh: 10,
    dataInit: function(elem) {
        setTimeout(function() {
            $(elem).datepicker({ showOn: 'button' });

and use jqGrid 4.0, where showOn: 'button' setting will work in searching dialog.

It will be additionally very good if you remove all unsed parameters of jqGrid (like very very old deprecated imgpath parameter) and parameters having default values (like multiselect:false and so on).

See the demo here.

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in the demo you have given datepicker is not working. – Sandeep Apr 11 '11 at 9:38
@Sandeep: What do you mean under the demo is not working? You don't include and data in your question, so my demo has no data. Your question was in the searching dialog. In my demo you can click the "Find" button in the navigator bar bottom on the grid, choose the 'Date of Join(MM/dd/yyyy)' field and enter the data. You will see that the datepicker work and no exception thrown. – Oleg Apr 11 '11 at 9:45
i have copy pasted everything what u gave. when i click on find its throwing the same uncaught exception. – Sandeep Apr 11 '11 at 11:26
@Sandeep: Do you have the same problem if you use my demo? Why not? Where is the difference? – Oleg Apr 11 '11 at 11:37
@Sandeep: Which version of jqGrid you use? Probably what you have is the bug which are fixed [here] (…)? – Oleg Apr 11 '11 at 11:49

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