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What I am looking for is using a URL link such as "MyApp://param=value" or "MyApp://mysite.com/?params=value" to open my application and read the params using GET. I do not want to use the click once method to do this, because I want the application to load up without the starting up bar at the topleft. I know it could be done but I could not find anywhere to do it at. You can see an example used over at curse.com where they use a link like "curse://curse.com/?etc=etc" to launch their app and download the item. Another example is with Ventrilo where you can use "ventrillo://etc" links to start vent and connect to a server. The reason I want this is because I plan to use it to give my customers a way to give their clients a way to connect to their servers with my software using a simple URL.

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Since the question is about VB.NET, I’m assuming you are targeting Windows.

In that case, this can be done by registering a custom URL handler via the Windows registry.

Other operating systems have different ways of achieving this.

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