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I would like to respond to Facebook requests while ordering an item like in the following sample (PHP): https://github.com/facebook/credits-api-sample/blob/master/callback.php

In my OrderProcess.aspx test page, Page_Load contains the following code:

var returnData = "{\"content\":[{\"title\":\"[Test Mode] Unicorn\",\"description\":\"[Test Mode] Own your own mythical beast!\",\"price\":2,\"image_url\":\"http://www.facebook.com//images//gifts//21.png\",\"product_url\":\"http://www.facebook.com//images//gifts//21.png\"}],\"method\":\"payments_get_items\"}";

    Response.ContentType = "text/plain"; //tried most of them

But this does not work, Facebook returning the error "The application you are using is not responding correctly."

Can you help me with some sample code in C# duplicating the functionality in the above PHP code?

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Have you tried changing your content type to application/json

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I've just tried that. Does not work. –  user701700 Apr 11 '11 at 7:25

You should call Response.End().

Response.ContentType = "application/json";
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I had a lot of trouble finding any real substance for working with the horrible Facebook credits API documentation and converting it into asp.net, so I ended up writing a blog about how I finally got it working for my application. If you need the complete callback flow with examples, check out the post at


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