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I am a newbie in javascript. I have a script like this:

        <script type="text/javascript">

            var x= '<img id="im" src="thumbnail.gif">';

            switch (x)
            case x=='document.getElementById("im")':
            document.getElementById('im').outerHTML='<img id="im" src="fullsize.gif">';
            case x!='document.getElementById("im")':
            document.getElementById('im').outerHTML='<img id="im" src="thumbnail.gif">';
            default: x;

        <span onclick="switch()">
            <img id="im" src="thumbnail.gif">

I need to keep it simple, but also make it work using the switch function. I didn't used them im my script. I am NOT looking for a slide show, also.

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For one, you don't want quotes around 'document.getElementById("im")' since that means you're looking for that string. Two, case statements don't work like that, the syntax is case value, not case expression (an expression being your ==). Three, you don't have an actual function call. You're calling switch which doesn't do anything...

Try something like:

function swap(){
        case x:



<span onclick="swap();">

which should fix your existing code. Or the "proper" way of doing this is more like:

function swap(){
   var node = document.getElementById('im');
   node.src = node.src.indexOf('fullsize')>=0 ? 'thumbnail.gif' : 'fullsize.gif';


<span onclick="swap();">

Oh, and I fixed your original question.

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Thanks for your quick reply. I've already tested your code in IE, FF and Opera. It works great. I have not used indexOF before. – user701709 Apr 12 '11 at 17:05

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