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Let's say I have the following TestNG test class:

public class OwnTestLauncher  {
    @Test(dataProvider = "valid-provider")
    public void validSintax(Collection<File> files) throws PlooException {

    @Test(dataProvider = "invalid-provider")
    public void invalidSintax(Collection<File> files) throws PlooException {

        protected String someAlgoritmUsedByRunFilesThroughCompiler(...) { ... }


And I'd like to then create some slightly different suits, so I can run each one of them on different ocasions:

public class SomeOtherFlavour extends OwnTestLauncher {
    protected String someAlgoritmUsedByRunFilesThroughCompiler(files) { ... }

I've tried run the code shown above but it didn't work. I've also tried to annotate SomeOtherFlavour with @Test but that didn't seem to help. Is it possible, at all, to do what I'm trying to do?

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This should definitely work: if you tell TestNG to run SomeOtherFlavour, it should see your two test methods. Are you seeing something different? Even further: you can put a @Test on the OwnTestLauncher class. – Cedric Beust Apr 12 '11 at 1:57

I'm afraid you have to extract the someAlgoritmUsedByRunFilesThroughCompiler into a separate interface (or abstract class), and write different implementation classes of it.

public interface MyAlgorithm {
    String someAlgoritmUsedByRunFilesThroughCompiler(...);

The test methods in OwnTestLauncher then expect an implementation of this interface as an additional parameter, and you can still use your data providers by adapting them.

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