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I have a Mdi application with 1 Parent form and 3 Child forms. Parent Form size is always calculated like this:

this.Size = ActiveMdiChild.Size;
this.Height +=150; // because there is a control at the bottom of Parent form

Problem is, when I minimize Parent Form, and then restore it, its size after restore has decreased by 20. So the form looks kinda distorted. In my code, I haven't specified it to decrese it's size so it should return to it's earlier size after restore. I guess it could be a bug. So I was wondersing how I could avoid this. My idea was to catch the restore event, and then change form size to what it should be, but I don't know how to catch restore event.

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Are you using FormWindowState.Maximized for the form ? –  V4Vendetta Apr 11 '11 at 8:29
For all the Child forms - yes, I need them to fill all space in Parent form. I am maximizing child form just before setting Parent form size. –  andree Apr 11 '11 at 8:33

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You can do this by overriding WndProc:

 protected override void WndProc( ref Message m )
        if( m.Msg == 0x0112 ) // WM_SYSCOMMAND
            // Check your window state here
            if (m.WParam == new IntPtr( 0xF120) ) // Maximize event - SC_MAXIMIZE from Winuser.h
                  // THe window is being restored
                  this.Size = ActiveMdiChild.Size;
                  this.Height +=150;
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