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I want to build a website for ​​e-learning.

The course will be conducted via webcam and members will pay to attend the web cast.

I thought that Skype is a solution, but I need to find a way to block and unblock contacts using PHP through the page.

I have found a URL handler but only for a call skype:user?call I am not sure about other functions such as block and unblock.

I would like someone to help me with Skype and to tell me whether or not there is some other way I can handle it through the page or suggest to me another program that gives me more like google talk might.

Or is there a CMS that can do my work?

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First of have a look at Skypes public API to get familiar with what is possible. Here's the pulic api page: http://developer.skype.com/accessories

Also have a look in the forum and see if you find anyone else that has done what you want to do: http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showforum=16

To implement everything in php there are some wrapper libraries available. Here's the most popular and developed one:

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To be more specific, take a look at developer.skype.com/public-api-reference#URI :) –  jmonteiro Nov 29 '11 at 13:41

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