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I started to develop a new feature in master (patch "B"), made a push with it to upstream, and then decided that it needed to mature before staying in master. I branched ("newui") and reverted the new feature in master (patch "B'"). Now I want to rebase the newui branch to the tip of master without losing the "B" feature. Graphically, I want to go from:

    D-E [newui]
A-B-B'-C [master]


         B-D-E [newui]
A-B-B'-C [master]


    B-D-E [newui]
A-C [master]
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Cherry-pick patch B onto master, then rebase newui onto master.

You can't collapse A-B-B'-C into A-C without rewriting history, which is usually a bad plan. (It could be done with git rebase -i.)

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are you sure you mean to cherry-pick B onto master? it seems I must cherry-pick B onto newui... – Joaquin Cuenca Abela Apr 12 '11 at 14:57

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