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I've been having trouble getting this json object to serialize/deserialize properly:

      data:[[long,int], ... ],

Here is what I tried; however, Gson doesn't seem to like doing fromJson, although, it does correctly do toJson.

class JsonBlock {
    ArrayList<Series> series = new ArrayList();
    String options = "mouse:{track:true},"
                   + "xaxis:{noTicks:10},"
                   + "points:{show:true},"
                   + "lines:{show:true}";
    public String toString() { return String.format("series:%s,options:%s",series, options); }

class Series {
    ArrayList<Data> data = new ArrayList();
    String label = "";
    public Series(String label, Data d) { this.label = label; data.add(d); }
    public String toString() { return String.format("data:%s,label:%s", data, label); }

class Data {
    long date = -1;
    int qty = 0;
    public Data(long date, int qty) { = date; this.qty = qty; }
    public String toString() { return date + "," + qty; }

Any hints or answers are appreciated. Thanks :)

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Its pretty straight forward, take a look at this :

Java Arraylist Data extraction

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I've tried a lot of the suggestions on that page, but none of them are helping me fix the error of deserializing. It properly serializes (toJson); however, it has trouble taking that serialized string and deserializing it. – Kyle Kinkade Apr 12 '11 at 6:18
The issue was with deserializing the List<Series>. Anyways, Gson 1.7 just fixed the entire error, haha! woot – Kyle Kinkade Apr 13 '11 at 0:50

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