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%nonassoc low
%nonassoc less_than_or_equal less_than equal_operator
%left op_plus op_minus
%left op_multiply op_devision


expr : expr op_plus expr
| expr op_minus expr
|expr op_multiply expr
|expr op_devision expr
|'~' expr |open_paran expr close_paran |int_val |float_val ;

bool_expr : expr less_than_or_equal expr
| expr less_than expr
|expr equal_operator expr
|NOT bool_expr

expression : expr %prec low

I get shift/reduce conflict after expr , any idea how to solve it ??

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Add a priority rule for '~' to fix the issue (for example, if '~' is used for negation I would have it associate from the right):

%right '~'
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Actually, left/right/nonassoc is irrelevant for unary ops -- all that matters is the priority (where it appears in the list of precedences). You probably want it last (highest precedence) –  Chris Dodd Apr 11 '11 at 22:36
This page might be of help: link –  Bubbles Apr 11 '11 at 23:22

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