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I have just started "coding" in Scala, coming from F# I am trying to find a way to have a similar environement.

Currently I am using IntelliJ 10.0.2. with the Scala plugin. On any given project I am trying to set up the following:

  • When opened the scala console loads the external libraries of the project ( this works )
  • A command/way to load the files where code is under developement. For instance you define a few modules in your project that you would like to test, so you would do something like load "module1.scala", load"module2.scala" etc.. in the console.

Is this possible?


  • seems to load all the external libraries
  • there seems to be a function :load but when I supply it arguments it returns "file does not exist") actually was just a silly mistake was using C: instead of c:

Many thanks

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Google for the sbt plugin for idea. SBT (Simple Build Tool) is an interactive build tool for Scala. It has a "console" command that loads the dependencies and your classes when it starts up. SBT offers other goodies, as well. The idea plugin lets you use the two together.

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It's not possible like IntelliJ IDEA feature. You can add appropriate issue to Scala plugin issue tracker:

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