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I wrote a game with cocos2d and translated all the image and text in the game in two different language.

When the app launches, I load different resource according to the locale of the device and this worked all OK.

Then when I upload this app for review, I first named it say "test". Then in the localization part I add a language "Japanese".

But I found that in the "Japanese meta data part", I can edit a lot of things except the "app name" which is "test". But I want my app to show different names according to the locale of the device also.

Can somebody tell me how to get this work? Thanks in advance...

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Here is tutorial how to localize the CFBundleDisplayName and CFBundleName.

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You can create a file called InfoPlist.strings in each of your language specific directories, and set a language specific value for CFBundleDisplayName.

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