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I'm running into an issue with the android SDK where it doesn't recognize devices (Toshiba AS100) under windows, adb devices list is empty:

$adb devices                                      
List of devices attached

Have tried:

According to the tutorial, it works on HTC & Toshiba AC100, but failed on Toshiba AS100. I can find "Android Phone" "Android Composite ADB Interface" items under "Device Manager", but the adb devices list is still empty. Is there an solution to this problem? Thank you.

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Check here,


My device was not detected in Ubuntu , changed the rules , it worked fine. In windows , it says USB driver should be installed. So there might be the issue.

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AS100 uses Nvidia® TegraTM 250, whose usb vendor ID is 0955. I think the tutorial contains all the settings for the rules. But it cannot works... –  suber Apr 11 '11 at 12:49

It works! I removed all the emulators and restored all run configures to default. With a third-party usb adb driver, eclispe finds the device automatically. However,it cannot work when sdk's adb running, and cannot show in devices list. Thanks...

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