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Is it possible to post a message on my wall starting from json data?

So i can make a facebookPost class. Make a facebookPost object with the attributes i want. Serilize it to a json string and post this with the facebook graph feed method?

Or should i just use a dictionary and parse this into a querystring?


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You can skip the step where you serialize it to a JSON string. A JSON object is just a collection of key:value pairs. The Graph API requires that you POST to a specific URL with your desired POST parameters (themselves key=value pairs) set. So yes, you can just create a query string instead of a JSON string and POST that.

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Obviously you can post into a wall using Facebook Graph API..

Here are the things you have to read for detailed information..

Grpah API && Post method in graph API

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I know how to post. I've read these pages you've sent me. But there nothing about posting Json data. Anyway, thanks for your respons. – ThdK Apr 11 '11 at 12:02

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