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Does anyone know aobut HSMs supporting C#? I googled and got 3 vendors. But there's no information given on there sites about whether they support C# and I would like to know the prices also.

The three HSM vendors:

  • AEP Keyper
  • Safenet Luna
  • Thales nShield

Any suggestions appreciated!


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An additional vendor that is missing on your list above is Utimaco, make sure to visit http://hsm.utimaco.com - they also offer a HSM-simulator to test the integration which can be downloaded from their website after registering.

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I looked at Sentinel HASP a while ago.

They provide a comprehensive SDK, and support .NET languages. The SDK is free and comes with 1 USB hardware key.

If you phone/email they will give you advice on pricing. it depends on the volume you are using.

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C# can use Windows's Cryptographic Service Providers. Any HSM with Windows support will supply a CSP module, and so you'll be able to use any of these from C# - that's unlikely to be an issue.

I suspect you'll have to contact the individual suppliers for pricing.

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