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I am new to developing with the Corona SDK as well as Lua. Currently i work strictly with the main.lua file. Is there any way in Lua (im sure there is) to break up the source code into logical, separate files?

Example: 1. Main.lua 2. Entity.lua 3. Settings.lua


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Here's a sample I wrote to demo what you're asking about: http://developer.anscamobile.com/code/object-oriented-sample-game-framework

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local M = {}
M.a = 3
return M


local objects = require('objects')
println(objects.a) --> 3

A very good discussion about this is available in the Lua users' wiki: http://lua-users.org/wiki/LuaModuleFunctionCritiqued. You should read it.

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You don't need to only work with main.lua file. You can create separate .lua file as you need it like -

1- If you are using many scenes/views/classes for this you can create your separate .lua file for different scenes/views/classes and call these separate .lua files by using storyboard.

2- You can also create separate .lua files for creating objects which you can access in your any class.

3- There are many .lua files like appirater.lua , ui.lua, json.lua provided.

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