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I have a date value (e.g. 2011-04-11 07:45:00.000) which I am pulling from my database (via Entity Framework). I need to pull out only the hour from the original date value (e.g. 07:45:00), get the current time, and then subtract the current time from the database time value. In pseudo-code, I'm looking to do something like this:

Dim my_date as DateTime = from_db ' This is the value pulled from the database.
Dim this_date as DateTime = Date.Now ' This is pulled via a VB.NET function.
Dim my_hour = my_date_but_only_hours ' Somehow, I need to strip the date off the my_date
Dim this_hour = this_date_but_only_hours ' Same as line above.
Dim hour_difference = my_hour - this_hour
Response.Write("There are " & hour_difference & " hours left before the time runs out.")
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Are you not going to append the difference in days to the total difference in hours? – FreeAsInBeer Apr 11 '11 at 12:37
Nope. B/c the days don't matter. It is only used to store the hours...but there doesn't seem to be a neat way to store just hours, e.g. a Time data type? – davemackey Apr 11 '11 at 12:38
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Dim dbDate = from_db.TimeOfDay  'This gets you a TimeSpan object representing just the time of day in that date. 

If you just want the hour, proceed with:

dim dbHour = dbDate.Hour
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You can use the DateTime.TimeOfDay to throw away the date component. You can then compute the difference represented as a TimeSpan. This gives you access to information about how many hours difference there is:

Dim dbTimeOfDay = from_db.TimeOfDay
Dim nowTimeOfDay = DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay
Dim timeDifference = dbTimeOfDay - nowTimeOfDay
Dim hoursDifference = timeDifference.TotalHours

The variable hoursDifference is a Double where the minutes and seconds are included in the fraction. You can round it or truncate if that is a requirement.

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