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I have 2 datasets ds1 and ds2 ds1 contains valid values used in ds2 for e.g. ds1 contains subject table containing Maths, Science, History. ds2 contains Student table Student table contains Subject column. ds2->Student->Subject values should be present in ds->subject table.

How to implement this type of validation in effective way. I don't want to iterate through each row and column of student table.

Students Table
Name Subject
Peter Maths
George Science
Joe IT
Roger History

Subjects Table

Now I want to validate the data in Students Table against Subject table Check if the Subject is present in Subjects table or not. Here I want row Joe IT since IT is not present in Subjects table it is invalid.

Similarly , I need to check Students table data with multiple tables like Subjects.

I want LINQ query.

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Please create a clearer question. Give some examples and explain why you don't want to iterate through the rows/columns. – CodingBarfield Apr 11 '11 at 12:50
You can use Linq to query the DataTables, however depending on your scenario, iterating over the tables may certainly be effective. Need more info on what your trying to accomplish though. – mservidio Apr 11 '11 at 13:05
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Use following query

var noSubject =
  ds.Student.AsEnumerable().Where(s => ds.Subject.Rows.Find(s.Subject) == null);
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