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I am using the latest version of Fluent NHibernate ( retrieved over NuGet. Previously I have used the FluentNHibernate.Mapping.Builders Namespace to create mapping extensions similar to:

 public static class MappingExtensions
    public static PropertyBuilder Text(this PropertyBuilder propertyBuilder)
        return propertyBuilder;

    public static PropertyBuilder Money(this PropertyBuilder propertyBuilder)
        return propertyBuilder;

which could be used as such:

Map(x => x.Price).Money();

I know get the error:

Error   1   The type or namespace name 'Builders' does not exist in the namespace 'FluentNHibernate.Mapping' (are you missing an assembly reference?)   

I am referencing the correct assembly. In Reflector and Object Browser I can't find the above namespace but in the source code from GitHub it's there.

Am I missing something obvious?

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This namespace has been moved and some of the functionality has been renamed/modified. This post on google groups may or may not help you with this.


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Under the branch v1.x in the source code I found PropertyPart which replaces PropertyBuilder. –  heads5150 Apr 12 '11 at 12:13

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