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It's a bit like in_array but while in_array checks the presence of one element in an array and returns true and false accordingly, I want to know whether all elements of array1 is part of array2.


$array1 = array(3, 30);
$array2 = array(5, 30);
$array3 = array(5, 50);

$array = array(50,7,8,456,1,5,567);

function new_in_array($array1,$array) // false
function new_in_array($array2,$array) // false
function new_in_array($array3,$array) // true

Any idea?

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Use a foreach loop? –  Emanuil Rusev Apr 11 '11 at 12:51
Thanks guys. Took @alexn's answer. Cheers. –  Jeremy Roy Apr 11 '11 at 13:08

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array_intersect will do:

$first = array('foo', 'bar');
$second = array('foo', 'bar','baz');

var_dump(array_intersect($first, $second) === $first); // True

$first = array('foo', 'bar', 'hello');
$second = array('foo', 'bar','baz');

var_dump(array_intersect($first, $second) === $first); // False
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Use array_intersect to intersect those two and check the number of elements in the return array:

$intersect = array_intersect($array1, $array2);
if (count($intersect) == count($array1)) {
   // array1 is fully contained in array2
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Or use array_diff():

function array_contains($haystack, $needles) {
  return !count(array_diff($needles, $haystack));

array_contains($array2, $array1); // all elements of array1 is part of array2?
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+1 just was about to hit post on my array_diff answer :) –  kapa Apr 11 '11 at 12:58

You could also use a for loop.

for ($i = 0; $i < sizeof($array1); $i++) {
  if (!in_array($array1[$i], $array2)) {
    return False;
return True;
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