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I'm building a silverlight MVVM app (using the GalaSoft MVVM light template). The app has some UserControls. Now I have stumbeld across somthing which seems like a namespace issue. The namespaces are defined in this way:

-> my user controls 
-> different pages of the app (which use the user controls)
-> the namespace of the main page (root namespace)

This works ok as long as I don't give any of the UserControls an x:Name. As soon as an x:Name is defined, the build breaks with the following message:

error CS0426: The type name 'Controls' does not exist in the type 'MyApp.MyApp'

That is realy strange! I can resolve this issue by changing the namespace MyApp.Controls to MyAppControls or by manipulating the generated code, so that the direct reference MyApp.Controls.MyControl is replaced with using MyApp.Controls and then instanciate the control with MyControl (however this will be overwritten again, as soon as I switch to the desgin view).

Does anyone know the reason for this strange behaviour? I would have expected that this is a very common problem?

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can you attach a sample code? –  John Vinny Marquez Apr 11 '11 at 13:44
sorry, the project is quite complex. I've tried to simplify it, but then the problem disapeard. So there must be something I have overlooked :-(. –  Jeldrik Apr 11 '11 at 14:31

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I think I found the reason: I also had a resource file with the name MyApp. This led to the generation of a class MyApp and therefore the compiler got confused between the class MyApp and the namespace MyApp. I have renamed the Resource file to something different and now the project compiles again.

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