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I have recently moved jobs and we use TFS. If I want to look at the intellisense for a constructor, (for code that has already been written, or dot.net code) I would normally have to delete a bracket or comma and type it again to get the constructor intellisense to appear.

This gets more annoying with TFS as it wants to check my code out, (and I don't). Is there a shortcut key to get the intellisense up without typing in the class?

I have tried the obvious, (CTRL + space.. CTRL + ALT + Space... CTRL + J).


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I've run into this a few times as well. In my case, the fix was to go to Tools->Import and Export Settings... and choose "Reset all settings" and then restart Visual Studio. From this point, Ctrl-Space would show the intellisense completions. In my case, however, this would usually work and then stop working, so there may be a different problem on your machine.

This will clobber any customizations you've made (so be sure to export them if you care) but it has fixed the problem for me.

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Awesome, thanks. Just to clarify, doing CTRL + Space to the left of the constructor bracket works, (I was trying inside the constructor before). –  Jon Apr 11 '11 at 13:38

Inside the parentheses, you can press Ctrl+Shift+Space to show information about the surrounding method call.

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