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I wanted to do

typedef deque type; //error, use of class template requires template argument list
type<int> container_;

But that error is preventing me. How do I do this?

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You can't (until C++0x). But it could be emulated with:

template<typename T>
struct ContainerOf
  typedef std::deque<T> type;

used as:

ContainerOf<int>::type container_;
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deque is not a type. It is a template, used to generate a type when given an argument.


is a type, so you could do

 typedef deque<int> container_
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You don't, C++ does not yet support this kind of typedef. You can of course say;

typedef std::deque <int> IntDeque;
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You hit an error because you missed to specify int in deque.

But note that: Template typedef's are an accepted C++0x feature. Try with the latest g++

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The way you could do this is:

#define type deque

But that comes with several disadvantages.

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yea, it would turn things like "typename" into "dequename" (I recognize that "type" is an example, but still it's a BIG problem). I would say avoid this at all costs. –  Evan Teran Feb 18 '09 at 21:07
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