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I've deployed a couple of app versions which I can't delete now.

I tried to delete it using "AppEngine 〉Administration 〉Versions"

AppEngine Versions When I press "delete" to delete version 99:

Deletion request window

An attempt to delete a version always causes 500 error:

enter image description here

I've tried to overwrite them with new ones, but it didn't helped. I've tried to delete them a week ago and yesterday but it always fails. I'm afraid that after some time all versions will became undeletable (now I have 2 undeletable versions and deployed versions limit is ≈11).

How am I supposed to delete that versions? Are there alternative ways to delete deployed versions (appcfg wouldn't help)?

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Appears to be filed as a bug .... star it if that is not your own report to give it more weight

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