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I'm running python 2.4 from cgi and I'm trying to upload to a cloud service using a python api. In php, the $_FILE array contains a "tmp" element which is where the file lives until you place it where you want it. What's the equivalent in python?

if I do this

fileitem = form['file']

fileitem.filename is the name of the file

if i print fileitem, the array simply contains the file name and what looks to be the file itself.

I am trying to stream things and it requires the tmp location when using the php api.

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The file is a real file, but the cgi.FieldStorage unlinked it as soon as it was created so that it would exist only as long as you keep it open, and no longer has a real path on the file system.

You can, however, change this...

You can extend the cgi.FieldStorage and replace the make_file method to place the file wherever you want:

import os
import cgi

class MyFieldStorage(cgi.FieldStorage):
    def make_file(self, binary=None):
        return open(os.path.join('/tmp', self.filename), 'wb')

You must also keep in mind that the FieldStorage object only creates a real file if it recieves more than 1000B (otherwise it is a cStringIO.StringIO)

EDIT: The cgi module actually makes the file with the tempfile module, so check that out if you want lots of gooey details.

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I'm not necessarily looking to change the way it deals with files, but when I try to write the contents of file in chunks it works fine for small text files, but any video or images are uploaded corrupt. I thought this might be solved by streaming it as the php api does –  seans Feb 18 '09 at 19:55
If you want to stream it, you can return an object with a write function to take the data from the Field Storage as it receives it. This is what I am doing to get AJAX upload progress info back to the browser for one of my projects. –  Mike Boers Feb 18 '09 at 20:45
i'm trying to get files onto a cdn cloud container, so "stream" has to happen according to their api. I like your suggestion to override FieldStorage, but it's not working for me right now. I'm sort of new to python and might be missing something simple. –  seans Feb 18 '09 at 20:51

Here's a code snippet taken from my site:

h = open("user_uploaded_file", "wb")
while 1:
    data = form["file"].file.read(4096)
    if not data:

Hope this helps.

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