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When I have a dependency of type 'war' in a maven project, it automatically uses overlay to merge it into the project I am building.

I would like to disable overlay.

To make the development process simpler I want to rather use symlinks with maven-junction-plugin when I'm building for my local Tomcat, and overlay only when I'm building for test and prod servers.

Any other suggestions on how I can work war dependencies that I need to modify without having a long build cycle is also welcome.

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Configure overlay exclusion in a profile. To configure overlays see:

That link specifies how to make maven-war-plugin exclude specific files and folders.

What I want to achieve is to not have any overlay at all, but the overlay happens by default.

The only solution I have found so far is to put the war dependencies themselves in a profile, but I'm not happy with this solution, as it smells too much of a workaround.

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You can't disable the set of overlays as for maven-war-plugin:2.1.1 but you can exclude files from the overlay.

Exclude all overlay files:


Exclude all files from a specific overlays:


Please note that this will not reduce the amount of overlays that are used.

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Configure overlay exclusion in a profile. To configure overlays see:

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In my case overlay happens because we I have dependencies of type war.

I solve my problem by putting all these dependencies in a profile that is enabled by default. A hack perhaps, but it works.



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