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I tried the following to access a router via a central admin server as "ssh hop" server

#!/usr/bin/perl -X

use strict;
use Net::OpenSSH;
use Net::Telnet;

my $lhost = "linuxserver";
my $luser = "linuxuser";
my $lpass = "linuxpassword";

my $chost = "routername";
my $cpass = "Routerpassword";

my $prompt = '/(?:Password: |[>])/m';
my @commands = ("show users\r");

my $ssh = Net::OpenSSH->new($lhost,
'user' => $luser,
'password' => $lpass,
'master_opts' => [ '-t' ],
#'async' => 1 # if enabled then password cannot be set here
my ($pty, $err, $pid) = $ssh->open2pty("telnet $chost");

my $t = new Net::Telnet(
-telnetmode => 0,
-fhopen => $pty,
-prompt => $prompt,
-cmd_remove_mode => 1,
-output_record_separator => "\r",
#-dump_log => "debug.log",

my $end = 0;

while (!$end) {
  my ($pre, $post) = $t->waitfor($prompt);
  if ($post =~ /Password: /m) {
    # send password
  elsif ($post =~ /[>#]/ && @commands) {
    my $cmd = shift(@commands);
    if ($cmd !~ /[\r\n]/) {
    else {
      print $t->cmd($cmd);
  else {
    $end = 1;
#close $pty;

Unfortunately I always get the following error: read error: Input/output error at test.pl line 71

Can somebody help me please or is there a better solution only to test if a telnet connection via the "hop" server is possible or not?

The connection looks like: workstation --ssh-> server --telnet-> router

Thanks in advance.

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It looks like you're running telnet on the remote ssh host and trying to connect your ssh tty to a new Net::Telnet session. That's not going to work. Maybe look into Expect? search.cpan.org/~rgiersig/Expect-1.21/Expect.pod –  friedo Apr 11 '11 at 14:42
I only want to check if a telnet session to the router is possible from the admin server. I can only connect to the admin server via ssh and to the router via telnet. So if there is another possibility I would also use that one. But I´m really new to perl so i need a little more help :-) –  Stefan Apr 11 '11 at 15:08

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I think best option is to make an SSH-tunnel to your admin server and use it for telnetting to the router.

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Getting Net::Telnet to work over Net::OpenSSH sometimes is not as easy as it should be and it requires some experimentation to get to the right combination of flags and calls that make it work.

For instance, instead of telneting to the target host, use netcat to open a raw connection (or Net::OpenSSH support for TCP forwarding if tunnels are allowed on the proxy).

Expect + Net::OpenSSH may be a better option.

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