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Their search fields can type and have some kind of list is showing here.... For example, when I type "Wikipedia" , when I start type "W", it have "Wi", "Wii", "Will" , somethings like that... ...How to do something similar like this? Thank you.

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Several javascript libraries provide this functionality. For example with jQuery, you can use the Autocomplete pulgin. The link also includes a demo.

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Depending on how you are planning on using the auto complete there is a jquery plugin that can help with this feature.

Essentially you are capturing the data as a user types and are checking against an array of some type to see similar matches. Your array can be statically set or be dynamic using ajax to query a script which returns data that is similar.


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if you are free to use jquery try this -

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the jQuery liveSearch plugin will do this. Here is the plugin site with pretty detailed instructions for connection to a php search page:

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