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I'm using simplyScroll v1 to horizontally scroll images of varying width but the list items containing the images are of a fixed width.

You can view the scrolling content here.

How do I achieve list items with varying width?

The author suggests the following:

If you do want to scroll unequal size elements try putting them in a container div, then initialising simplyScroll on that (note that this hack will essentially double the amount of elements scrolled!)

The list already appears to be within a container div:


What does the author mean by "initializing" on the container div?

A similar thread exists here though it is ambiguous to me. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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The width of the li is set in the simply-scroll css file, so if you wish to use varying sizes you can simply remove the width property:

Before: .simply-scroll .simply-scroll-list li { float: left; /*width: 290px;*/ width: 290px; /*height: 200px;*/ height: 180px; }

After: .simply-scroll .simply-scroll-list li { float: left; /*height: 200px;*/ height: 180px; }

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No luck Steve. None of the images display in Chrome. In FireFox, one of the images vertically stacks beneath the first image. If it were as simple as this, I believe the author wouldn't have provided the "hack" I quoted in my question. I can't figure out why but the scrolling seems contingent on list item width in some way. –  Dominor Novus Apr 11 '11 at 15:30

This is a common problem that version 2 (coming out very soon!) fixes by automatically wrapping the element you are trying to scroll. For now do it manually.

If you had this list of unequal width/height elements

<ul id="scroller"> <li></li> <li></li> etc... </ul>

wrap it in another div so you just scroll one.

<div id="scroller"><ul> <li></li> <li></li> etc... </ul> </div>

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I got this to work by combining both of the answers already provided;

  • Wrap the <ul> into its own <div id="scroller">
  • Remove the fixed width property from the .simply-scroll .simply-scroll-list li element in the CSS
  • Add padding to this element as required.

Working in Firefox, Chrome and IE.

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I dont know if it helps for you. Its over 2 years since question were written.

It is solution for different widths of each image inside li

$( window ).load(function() {
  $('#scroller li img').each(function(){
      var widthThis = $(this).width();

        width : widthThis
    pauseOnHover: false


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