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In the case where my user uploads an excel file with only one worksheet, I want to intelligently use only that worksheet. However, when I pull the schema for this file I see an unexpected worksheet (circled):

Unexpected worksheet in an excel schema

The schema is retrieved via:


In this case, it looks like the second worksheet is a filter defined by the user to "peg" two columns from scrolling.

Question: Is it safe for me to ignore worksheets with "$<filter>" appended? Put another way, if I run through all the worksheets, throwing out the "$<filter>" types, and find that there is only one left, is it a reasonable default to use that worksheet? Does anyone have a reference?


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yes, i would have thought so. $ usually means it is refering to named range or macro in that workbook. you might use Regex and capture anything within ' '.

Here is a reference on how to select data from a named range:


How do u pull the schema for this file? maybe you can filter it so that it only has Worksheets ?

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I edited this answer with an MSDN reference so I can give you credit. See my revised question regarding how I retrieve the schema. –  Brett Jun 15 '11 at 13:23

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