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I am using Visual Studio 2010 to write Selenium 2 Webdriver automated tests in C#. I have searched high and low for examples of using variables as selectors and have found nothing that seems to work. The one example I have found of a variable used as a selector had the variable with $ prefix and enclosed in {}. An example of what I am trying to do is below:

string surveyName = "Selenium test survey";

I get the error:

OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException : Unexpected error. Unable to find element using     css: tr[svd='${surveyName}']

If I 'hard code' the selector like this:

Driver.FindElement(By.CssSelector("tr[svd='Selenium test survey']"))

it finds the element.

svd is an attribute of the tr element. I am trying to select a row within a table by the value of this attribute. The text will be different for each test and so must be a variable.

I have tried expressing the variable a number of different ways but had no luck making this work. Any help would be much appreciated.


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string surveyName = "Selenium test survey";
Driver.FindElement(By.CssSelector(String.Format("tr[svd='{0}']", surveyName))

will do what you want. This is c# so when it takes a string you can do all kinds of things to get that string

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That fixed it. Thanks very much. –  Caspar Davey Apr 11 '11 at 16:21
Great question...i was having the same issues and your answer helped me out a lot, @Caspar. I have one question though. If i want to select an ID of and input element and the ID is Mileage_departmentForm_16 i know i can just use (By.CssSelector("input[id-'Mileage_departmentForm_16']")) but is there a way i could do something like select an id that starts with "Mileage"? Thanks! –  RyanPitts Aug 10 '11 at 16:39
Oh wow, i feel dumb...just figured it out. You have to use (By.CssSelector("input[id^='Mileage_departmentForm_16']")). I imagine all of the other types of selecting works as well (starts with, ends with, has, etc). –  RyanPitts Aug 10 '11 at 16:47

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