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I'm programming a kind of "Lights Off" game in Flash Professional (not Flash/Flex Builder) and it would be very nice if I could manage on/off state in a grphically designed Symbol like this:

/* calling this method produces the same as */
square1.on = true;

/* obviously, the next method: */
/* will produce */
square1.on = false;

Is this possible? How do I create the custom on property and custom methods on() and off()? If not possible, what else can I do? Thank you.

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Use a property like state and create two functions to change that state and navigate the playhead.

Also, you should be extending MovieClip to create these custom properties... better practice.

class MySquare extends MovieClip {
    public function on ():void {
        this.state = 'on';
    public function off ():void {
        // same, but for off

[Tutorial] Export for ActionScript

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You didn't understand me. I already have a MovieClip designed graphically in the Library, and I want to add the custom property and the two methods. I've edited the question so there's no confusion. –  Carlos Precioso Apr 11 '11 at 17:23
Did you export the symbol for ActionScript and assign a custom class? –  John Giotta Apr 11 '11 at 17:31
No. But would the symbol keep its graphics if I extend it? –  Carlos Precioso Apr 11 '11 at 17:32
Yes. See the linked tutorial in my answer. –  John Giotta Apr 11 '11 at 17:42

You have to make your own class, that extends MovieClip like this:

public class CustomMovieclip extends MovieClip
   public function CustomMovieclip() {
     //constructor, here you do any initialization stuff

   public function on() {
     //here you turn on the lights

   public function off() {
     //here you turn off the lights

And then you can simply call them like this:

var bulb = new CustomMovieclip();
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I have a movie clip called btn1 for which I needed a custom property "sel" (for selected state)

This is how I used it.

btn1.sel = 1;

You can also add new properties like

btn1.name = "Prabhat";


btn1.selected = false;

Hope this helps.. although i see its a quite old post..just in case if you still need the info

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