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I have a table with a field ,description nvarchar(200).

I am inserting string with a lot of lines.

When I take quick watch over the string in visual studio, I can see the string splited over mutile lines as i expected.


But when I insert to database using a stored procedure,all "\n\r" beomes just spaces. When I read from the databse there is no "\n\r"

what can i do?

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Is the stored procedure removing char #10 #3 and replacing them with spaces. –  rerun Apr 11 '11 at 17:08

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It should be stored just fine. When you look through SSMS, it removes the newlines for readability in its grid.

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no way!!! lol been loosing time with this all day –  Daniel Dolz Nov 12 '12 at 13:40

From this answer

char(13) is CR. For DOS-/Windows-style CRLF linebreaks, you want char(13)+char(10), like:

'This is line 1.' + CHAR(13)+CHAR(10) + 'This is line 2.'
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its best to use System.Environment.NewLine

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Use CHAR(13)

Refer to: CHAR

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