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earlier I asked for help disabling a Button when a drop down menu item was selected. I was given some code that did the trick but now I need the same with a Textbox and for some odd reason its not working can you have a look for me...


<form id="frmColor">
    <input type='TextBox' id='color' />
    <input type='submit' value='Change Color' id="colorSubmit"/>


  tools.eraser = function () {
    var tool = this;
    this.started = false;
    var varPenColor = "White";
    context.strokeStyle = varPenColor;

Any ideas why it wont disable the text box?


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type TextBox don't exists ... use instead <input type="text" id="color" /> link –  Patrick Ferreira Apr 11 '11 at 17:22

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Form elements can be accessed via the form's DOM element by name, not by "id" value. Give your form elements names if you want to access them like that, or else access them directly by "id" value:

document.getElementById("color").disabled = true;

edit — oh also, as pointed out by others, it's just "text", not "TextBox", for the "type" attribute.

You might want to invest a little time in reading some front-end development tutorials.

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We can use jquery also.. for example..

$("#color").prop('disabled', true);

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