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This a general query. I will be beginning to port a portrait-only app to work for both landscape and portrait screen orientations. Is there any document that addresses this process specifically? I will be using native views - so i am not expecting any issues with any resources files such as drawables, etc I do have one screen in the application that plays video clips - my fear is how to make the video to keep playing while the orientation changes. Also, wondering if i will have to save any activity states/variables while orientation occurs. So, these are some of my concerns and i was wondering if there are any thumbrules or documentation i could read up on before plunging into porting.

Thanks in advance.

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You should read application fundamentals and what happens while orienting the application.

If you want a faster orientation change you can read this document

If you keep your variables static in activity than you can get them in which method you want automatically.

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