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Is there a simple and straightforward way to provide a link in a view to either create a resource if it doesn't exist or edit the existing on if it does?


User has_one :profile

Currently I would be doing something like...

-if current_user.profile?
  = link_to 'Edit Profile', edit_profile_path(current_user.profile)
  = link_to 'Create Profile', new_profile_path

This is ok if it's the only way, but I've been trying to see if there's a "Rails Way" to do something like:

= link_to 'Manage Profile', new_or_edit_path(current_user.profile)

Is there any nice clean way to do something like that? Something like the view equivalent of Model.find_or_create_by_attribute(....)

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Write a helper to encapsulate the more complex part of the logic, then your views can be clean.

# profile_helper.rb
module ProfileHelper

  def new_or_edit_profile_path(profile)
    profile ? edit_profile_path(profile) : new_profile_path(profile)


Now in your views:

link_to 'Manage Profile', new_or_edit_profile_path(current_user.profile)
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That works. I suppose creating a helper yourself is kind of obvious... and would explain why there doesn't appear to be a similar built-in function. Thanks! –  Andrew Apr 11 '11 at 18:43

I came across this same problem, but had a lot of models I wanted to do it for. It seemed tedious to have to write a new helper for each one so I came up with this:

def new_or_edit_path(model_type)
  if @parent.send(model_type)
    send("edit_#{model_type.to_s}_path", @parent.send(model_type))
    send("new_#{model_type.to_s}_path", :parent_id => @parent.id)

Then you can just call new_or_edit_path :child for any child of the parent model.

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Another way!

     link_to_if(current_user.profile?, "Edit Profile",edit_profile_path(current_user.profile)) do
       link_to('Create Profile', new_profile_path)
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Blockquote Try THIS Way

module ProfilesHelper

def new_or_edit_profile_path(profile) profile ? edit_profile_path(profile) : new_profile_path(profile) end


and your link like

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