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I have a scrollable canvas who's content i want into a png image.

The problem is I only get a photo of the canvas, missing the non visible part of the canvas at that given time.

How do i get the whole scrollable canvas into a png image?

My current code is the following:

my $canvas_to_get_photo=$mw->Photo(-format=>'Window', -data=>oct($canvas_to_get->id));
$canvas_to_get_photo->write('somepath/image.png', -format=>'png');
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Could you create example images (what you got and what you need)? Last one as montage, of course. –  w.k Apr 11 '11 at 19:31
its just a canvas which you can scroll, which means only a part of it is visible at a time. when i print the canvas i only see the visible part, not the part that's hidden because the user hasn't scrolled to view it. –  Hermann Ingjaldsson Apr 12 '11 at 13:32

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There isn't a native way to do it; Tk only paints to windows, not to image-based surfaces. Your options are therefore to either:

  1. scroll the canvas, taking snapshots, and then stitch them together
  2. generate encapsulated postscript (which does support going over the whole canvas, provided you use the right options) and generate your image from that with a tool like ghostscript.
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Number two is what i did. –  Hermann Ingjaldsson Apr 12 '11 at 16:00

It's been a awhile since I did any heavy Tk work, so this may not work. Have you tried looking for the non-scrolled subcomponent of the scrolled canvas.

IIRC, each 'Scrolled' widget is actually a "mega-widget", with scrollbars, a corner item, and a scrolled item sub-widgets.

So, it may be that you want

my $canvas = $scrolled->Subwidget('widget');
$canvas = $scrolled unless $canvas;
my $canvas_id = $canvas->id;

my $photo = $mw->Photo(-format => 'Window', -data => oct $canvas_id );
$photo->write('somepath/image.png', -format => 'png' );
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doesn't work, it still just prints the visible part of the canvas. –  Hermann Ingjaldsson Apr 12 '11 at 12:42

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