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I have XML stored in an nvarchar(max) field. I realize there is an XML data type, but in this case it is not stored that way. Let's say the XML is structured like the following:


What I am trying to do is get the count of detail (dtl) nodes that exist for record. I am sure this is possible with xpath/xquery, I am just not exactly sure how.

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Try this:

SELECT CAST(<YOUR_XML_COLUMN> AS XML).query('count(//dtl)')


SET @x = '<root> <hdr>   <name>aj</name> </hdr> <dtls>   <dtl>     <price>1</price>   </dtl>   <dtl>     <price>7</price>   </dtl>   <dtl>     <price>3</price>   </dtl> </dtls> </root>'
SELECT CAST(@x AS XML).query('count(//dtl)')
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@+1 - would he need to cast his nvarchar as xml for this to work? –  JNK Apr 11 '11 at 18:54
@JNK: Yes, I have updated the post to reflect the same. –  Chandu Apr 11 '11 at 18:56

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