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The problem I have is that when I make the AJAX call, and there is more than one record, an array is returned and I can call list[0] or whatever to get the first. If I make the same call and receive a single object I get the object back rather than an array of one.

Any ideas how I can handle this?

UPDATE: Used these functions

function isArray(obj) {

return (obj.constructor.toString().indexOf("Array") != -1);


function getArray(obj) {

if(obj.constructor.toString().indexOf("Array") != -1){

     return    obj;

} else {

        var myArr = [1];


        return myArr;



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you could check it with javascript:

if ( list.length > 1 ) {
} else {

you could also do something like that on server side:

@entries = [@entries] unless @entries.is_a?(Array)
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That wouldn't work as you are testing the object to see if it's an array which it isin't. In the end I used a function which tested if it was an array and if it wasn't I created one. – GStenson Apr 12 '11 at 15:22

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