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I have a HTML 5 Slider that is basically designed (or should be) to change the width of the line in the canvas im painting app im creating. However I have a issue. On moving the slider from initial position it jumps to the middle i.e. 5 and then is stuck there, removing all the steps numbers 1-10 in between. Below is the code I have:


 <input type="range" name="penwidth" id='penwidth' min="1" max="10" value="1" step="1" onchange="this.value='';" /> <span id="range">1</span>


  function brushWidth()
        var varWidth = document.getElementById('penwidth').value;
        context.lineWidth = varWidth;
        document.getElementById("penwidth").value = newValue;

When the slider is in the 1 (default position the line I daw is 1 width and when i move it and it jumps to position 5 the line is a width of 5 so I know that it works fine its just the slider having a problem. If I remove the following from the HTML code the slider moves in steps fine but obviously does nothing:


I have uploaded the files to my server so you can see whats going on im using Chrome also -

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Remove line 268 which is causing the JS error as well as removing the onchange="this.value='';" from within the input element and this should resolve your problem in Chrome

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check the console.

you are getting an error on line 268 of canvas2.js:

document.getElementById("penwidth").value = newValue;

Uncaught ReferenceError: newValue is not defined

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