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I'm assuming I need to use Connector\J and JDBC to achieve this, but I can't seem to 'install' Connector\J using the CLASSPATH thing. How do I do that ? I use the IntelliJ IDE if thats relevant.

I'm looking for a way to talk to a mysql database and execute and print out a few basic queries but I'm not getting anywhere because I can't even talk to the database.

Any help is appreciated.

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You might follow an example such as this one:


But, you might want to consider using Hibernate unless you're doing only a couple basic queries.

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See Using MySQL with Java -- the first link from Google.

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I like this tutorial because it's very detailed and thorough. Pretty much every step from downloading and installing MySQL and Connector/J to writing and running queries is covered.

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Which version of IntelliJ?

You need to add the MySQL Connector-J JAR to your project dependencies.

Open your IntelliJ settings (the "wrench" in the top menu bar), go to "Libraries", click on "Attach Classes", and add the MySQL Connector-J JAR that you downloaded above. That puts it in your CLASSPATH.

If you still have problems, it means you don't have the driver class name right. It should be com.mysql.jdbc.Driver.

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