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I'm currently having a problem where a hidden field whose value is set in the code-behind does not propagate back to the client. The basic layout is as follows:

<asp:UpdatePanel ..... 
<ContentTemplate ....
    <input id="myHiddenField" type="hidden" value="" runat="server" ....

    <asp:ListView ID="MyListView" .....

I have a button with an on click event, in there I set the hidden field value. If I don't put the listview into insert mode, the value is propagated back to the client; however, if I do put the listview into insert mode, then nothing. I'm also rebinding the datasource on the listview.

void mybutton_click(object sender, eventargs e)
    myHiddenField.Value = "testing";
    MyList.InsertItemPosition = InsertItemPosition.FirstItem;
    MyList.DataSource = // my datasource

Side Note: I'm rebinding the listview so that the data bound delegate can be called and I can do extra stuff in there.

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Fixed hidden field value not propagating back to client. As it turns out, I had a typo in my insert validator in the insert item template of the list view control. I had commented out the update panel, and ran with out it, throw an error alerting me to the issue. With the update panel, no errors were displayed. – developerdoug Apr 12 '11 at 5:22
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Instead of <input id="myHiddenField" type="hidden" value="" runat="server" use a <asp:HiddenField ID="myHiddenField" runat="server" /> and everything should be fine.

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