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ID Username City        RegisterYear
1  User1    New York    1990
2  User2    San Diego   2008
3  User3    Chicago     2009
4  User4    Los Angeles 1994
5  User5    San Diego   2004 

Domain Table

ID  City
1   New York
2   San Diego
3   Los Angeles
4   Chicago

In this example the query would return:

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You need to post your relevant database schema, for User and City we need to know what primary keys exist and what foreign keys exists. – Only Bolivian Here Apr 11 '11 at 23:37

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Well, first you need to replace "City" in the first table with the ID column of the domain table. The "City" is not the primary key.

After that:

SELECT u.username
FROM   users u,
       domain d
WHERE = u.cityid
       AND u.registeryear = (SELECT MAX(u2.registeryear)
                             FROM   users u2
                             WHERE  u2.cityid = u.cityid);
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Since the question doesn't provide an awful lot of detail, I have used some of the assumption that syrion made plus also decided that the city name will be unique to make things easier.

select max(u.username) keep (dense_rank last order by registeryear) as username
  domain d
  left outer join users u on ( =
group by
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