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I have a data vector with 1024 values and need to count the number of negative entries. Is there an elegant way to do this without looping and checking if an element is <0 and incrementing a counter?

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You want to read 'An Introduction to R'. Your answer here is simply

 sum(  x < 0  )

which works thanks to vectorisation. The x < 0 expression returns a vector of booleans over which sum() can operate (by converting the booleans to standard 0/1 values).

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The vector is not converted to numeric (for later versions of R anyway) - sum works on logical directly. This can be easily observed. x <- rep(c(T,F), 2^30-1) causes my R session RSS to increase to ~8G. sum(x) does not increase this. However, sum(as.numeric(x)) causes the RSS to increase to ~25G (and of course returns the same value). –  Matthew Lundberg Jan 2 '13 at 15:23

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