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I read this document but don't understand.

It says I can use showDialog() to show a dialog and the system will call onDialogCreate().

But in the next section, it says I should use AlertDialog.Builder's create() to create a dialog.

I tried AlertDialog.Builer's show(), it works and a dialog popup. But... so where should I call showDialog() and onDialogCreate()?

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Here is the discussion : vs. Activity.showDialog()

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Lai Yu-hsuan.... They are saying that you may use AlertDialog.Builder.create to create a dialog and showDialog(int) to show the dialog that you create using myBuilder.create(). So in code:

protected Dialog onCreateDialog(int id) {
    Dialog dialog;
    switch(id) {
    case DIALOG_MY:
        // do the work to define My Dialog
        dialog= getInstanceMyDialog();
        dialog = null;
    return dialog;

private AlertDialog getInstanceMyDialog() {
    AlertDialog.Builder builder= new AlertDialog.Builder(this);
    AlertDialog alert= builder.create();
    return alert;

You can then show the dialog as in:



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